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This AU RP chronicles the days before, during, and after the Second Wizarding War at Hogwarts and after the war, in other select places. This blog was made soley as a directory and is a guide and place of help as you make your way around the RP group. If you have any questions or concerns, please read the Rules and Guidelines page and if your question is not answered there, shoot us an ask! Thank you!

-Danielle and Shelby

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Hello again everyone!


We’re thinking a Harry post should suffice as the starter. :]

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Hey everyone!

God, we’re so sorry we haven’t been very active and that’s not good responsibility on our parts as the admins, so we’re sorry.

I’m going to recruit somemore for the RP, but we’re going to go ahead and start the war tomorrow when Danielle comes back online. We just thought we’d let you know because everything is going to start getting really dependent on each other considering they’re going to be in close quarters for a while after the war - it’ll be fun, but it’ll also take some planning (like figuring out rotations and so forth)

Again, sorry for the prolonged absence!

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The war will be starting soon; if you would like to recruit, that would be awesome, but it’s come to that time to kinda get the main plot moving.

If you would like to write for a major character, please send us a message letting us know so that we can tell everyone else. You do not have to make a blog for those characters.

Happy RPing!

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Luna Lovegood 

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Pansy Parkinson 

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OOC:A handy tool for writing for creating a character for an RP or Fan Fiction: 


This test is my best friend when it comes to creating characters. Nobody likes a mary sue ((Just to make it clear, I am not saying that we have any on here. this is for future reference.)) This test will tell you if your character is a Mary Sue or Totally awesome. You can use it for all fandoms and general writing too!

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Ginny Weasley 

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Genevive Weasley 

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quillsandink said: hey, for your roleplay are either luna or ginny taken yet?

Luna is not and Ginny was being played by someone but she never went active, so I’m going to go ahead and say that she’s available as well.

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